31st Birthday Bonanza


Well, as my dad put it: “Welcome to the new section of your life where everything starts with 3’s.”

Thanks Dad.

This year my birthday was pretty laid back. No surprise party like last year, but I still really enjoyed it. With birthdays comes gifts! Well, for the first gift my true love gave to me; a set of terrarium tools. (I hope you all sang that last sentence like it was part of 12 days of Christmas). I’ve always wanted to make one but never got the courage to go out and buy the ingredients. Now that Doran has given me a set of tools and a homemade coupon valued at “however much it costs to make one”, I have no excuse to not get my very own terrarium. Fun!

On the weekend we went to Plant and I got totally overwhelmed by the options. So, I decided to buy one pre made. There were just too many options, but this is the little guy we ended up getting. I feel like a proud papa.

Plant Terrarium

The second gift I got was a new cutting board! I know that sounds strange, but it’s personalized! I am now an element on the periodic table. See if you can find out what I am.

Elysium Woodworks Cutting Board

Super cool eh!!!

Thanks Doran!

(If you couldn’t find me, I’m Ericonium, element 118.)


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