Ocean Salt: 4/10 Doran, 9/10 Eric


LUSH Ocean Salt


If you are looking for a seriously deep salt scrub, you might like the Ocean Salt scrub from LUSH. I must say that the big salt crystals that are sitting on top of this avocado mixture were too coarse for me – it felt like I was trying to exfoliate my face with gravel. On the other hand, Eric liked the chunkier texture. And the salt sort of stung my face (maybe because I cut my face open with the gravel salt rocks). I suspect this might be less intense if you decide to use it on your body vs. just your face.


  • Scrub is deep and invigorating
  • Smells nice and fresh, citrusy


  • Did not particularly like the coarse, “gravel-like” texture of the salt crystals
  • Difficult to spread across skin unless you use quite a bit of the avocado mixture (it has a thinner consistency)
  • Price point is quite high vs. other LUSH cleansers


No for Doran, Yes for Eric


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