Each Peach (And Two’s A Pair): 2/10


Each Peach Massage Bar

How does one give themselves a massage? I know only of acupressure balls and using those is not my idea of relaxation. So, getting a “massage bar” was never really on the top of my list of things to try. However, it has been suggested that you can use these bars to massage someone special in your life, so Doran was the lucky duck to get a free massage from yours truly.

Out of all the massage bars in LUSH, Each Peach smells the best. I’m a fan of anything that’s refreshing and energizing. The citrus oils really hit the spot. As soon as you pick up the bar (any massage bar in the store, actually) it will start to melt. Don’t freak out, you just have warm hands.

In the end, we both felt like we were rubbing a stick of butter on our skin. It doesn’t seem like it was absorbing into our skin. It just felt like we had an extra layer of grease on us and we could not touch anything or sit down.


  • Love the citrus smell


  • What’s up with the full name of the bar? Must be some British slang
  • You end up feeling like a greased-up muffin tin ready for the oven




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