Community Garden


I have no idea how to garden. Neither does Eric. To be honest, we’re actually kind of terrible at keeping anything alive (we somehow killed the cactus we bought in April. I thought cactuses were invincible?!?). Anyways, we decided to try our hand at outdoor gardening. How hard could growing flowers and vegetables be? Besides, I thought it was about time I learned where my food comes from (do steaks grow on trees?).

We signed up for the Community Garden which is located in the communal backyard of our condo building. We were assigned three planters and just like those people who can’t do yoga but show up for class wearing full Lululemon, we bought a whack of gardening stuff and got to work. Here’s what we planted:

Community Garden PlantersI’ve since realized that we probably screwed up the lettuce and carrots from the start. I think you’re supposed to plant seeds in neat little rows with 2″ spacing or something. But we sort of just tore open the bag and shook out all the seeds everywhere like a giant salt shaker. Whoopsies! I guess we shall see what happens, maybe we will have a giant lettuce explosion and I’ll be eating lettuce at every meal (not such a bad thing).

Also, as we were planting the rose bush, some lady walked by and we heard her say “Oh! A rose bush…” and we weren’t sure if that meant: 1) “Oh! A rose bush, are you an idiot? That’s going to die!”, or 2) “Oh! How lovely, a rose bush would be perfect!”. Since we don’t know any better, we are just going to assume she meant #2.

Here’s a picture of our planters with everything planted. Stay tuned!

Community Garden 2014-06-14, 16 53 35




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