Community Garden: Update #1


It’s been two months since we first planted flowers & veggies in our Community Garden. And for two guys who have absolutely no clue what they are doing, I think our garden is coming along! I say “coming along” because it is a bit out of control, but it’s not dead, so I consider that a win.

Community Garden 2014-08-30 Before & After

As you can see, our grape tomatoes have taken over the planter. We actually did trim the tomato plant a few times while it was growing, but it’s one of those things where you turn around for 5 seconds, and when you come back it has doubled in size. After some heavy trimming, you can see that our tomatoes are ripening! EXCITING!!!

Community Garden 2014-08-30 Grape Tomatoes

We picked off one of the ripe ones and taste tested it. It was sooo delicious 🙂 Look at us, we are ready to open a farm to produce veggies for the masses after this.

Community Garden 2014-08-30 Orange Peppers

Our orange peppers aren’t quite ripe yet, but they are looking pretty adorable. I’m pretty sure ‘adorable’ is one phase of the growing process.

I feel like when the entire season is over, we are going to have enough veggies for exactly… one salad. But it will be a glorious salad.Community Garden 2014-08-30 Rose BushI also have some sad news to report. Our rose bush ain’t doing so good. I now realize the lady who commented on our rose bush was, in fact, warning us that it would fail (see previous post). She turned out to be right. Oh well, it was worth a try.


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