Moving to Australia!


It’s done! We have officially begun the transition from Canada to living and working in Australia! It has been a long wait since the idea to do this came up, but here we are…. blogging from Sydney, Australia.

Getting here was a bit of a trek, over 20 hours of flight time and an 8-hour layover in Los Angeles. We did, however, make the most of our pit stop in Los Angeles.

YES! We went to Disneyland!!! How can we go to Los Angeles and not have a stop in Disneyland?!? As short as it was, we did get to go on a few of our favourite rides and managed to get back to the airport in time for our flight to Sydney.

We’ve been in Sydney a couple of days now and here are our first impressions:

  • The $2 coin is disproportionately smaller than all the rest of the coin denominations. Seriously, it’s like the size of a thick $0.10 coin from North America.
  • The future of banking is already here and it’s in Sydney. The ATM counts money (including coins) for you when you deposit, and telephone apps allow you to withdraw money from the ATM even if you’ve forgotten your bank card at home.
  • A lot of shops close at 4 or 5pm. The bank is open only from 9:30am to 4pm….. talk about banker’s hours…. yeesh.
  • Figuring out the transit system is a nightmare. Good thing we can walk everywhere (my feet feel like they’re going to explode).
  • Jet lag was ok…. we are super tired by 9pm …. then wake up at 6am only to lay around til 9am. What a vacation!

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