We present you with another high koala-ty update from Oz. Here is what we got up to in week 2!

This week’s video is brought to you by Books on Tape.

A few new learnings & discoveries:

  • Nobody cares about Starbucks here. There are 9 Starbucks stores in Sydney (vs. 50 in Calgary). And for good reason – there are local coffee shops abound, and I haven’t been disappointed by a single one yet!
  • Some food & service establishments have a ‘weekend & holiday surcharge’ that gets tacked onto your bill. (It’s kind of hard to avoid going out on the weekend?)
  • Some malls here have really amazing food court choices. Lobster?! Pork dumplings? You name it, they got it.
  • Despite having some super awesome food choices, everything closes around 6pm or earlier. Yes, OR EARLIER! Even on weekends!

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