Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


Detective Ketut will be able to help you out this week, gumshoes.

Can you guess where she was?

That’s right gumshoes, she was in Bali!!!

We thought we would take a short trip to a tropical resort before moving from Sydney to Melbourne. (That’s right, we relocated to Melbourne, but that will be discussed in another post.)

Bali: a small island in Indonesia where every Australian goes on holiday. It’s close and it’s cheap (1 USD = 10,000 Rupiahs). So since we are pretty much Australian locals, we thought we would do the same and book an all-inclusive stay at a lovely resort in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Eric on Bali Beach

It was a lovely trip and we had a lot of great adventures.

We did a cool Seawalk, which consisted of wearing large pressurised helmets so that you can just breath and walk around under water without diving equipment. It was pretty amazing.


We also saw this really cool Indonesian dance show that had some amazing dance and aerial routines.

And we went surfing!!! I think by the end of it I drank a couple gallons of sea water, but I got good enough to start practicing turns on a 9-foot board.

We also had an amazing afternoon in the spa which costed 2 million…… rupiah. When is the last time you paid 2 million for anything?!? Read about our spa experience using the links below.

Shiodhara Treatment – Eric’s Review

Shiodhara Treatment – Doran’s Review


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