Merry Christmas From the Land Down Under


Our first Christmas in Oz and I think we can get used to this!

All the shops are closed today so walking outside was like walking around a ghost town. It seems that everyone is either at family functions or the beach. Since our family and friends are back in Canada, Doran and I went to the beach.

Sandringham Beach is a lovely secret oasis that we have grown to love. A short 20 min ride on the train and we are greeted by the Port Phillip Bay. Nerd Alert: Port Phillip Bay flows out to Bass Strait which is between the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. So Melbourne doesn’t really touch the ocean.

This beach is currently my favourite because you can encounter so many cool sea life creatures in their natural habitat while getting a bangin’ tan.

First we saw all these clear jelly tubes that we thought were man-made, but are actually sea snail egg sacks! There was one every 10 steps.

Sea Snail Egg Sack

Then we saw clams right on the rocks during low tide.


Then I was brave enough to pick up an eight-legged sea star! Imagine that! Eight legs! Side note: notice how I protected myself with sand… don’t do this at home, kids!


Then the coolest thing washed up on the shore…. A JELLYFISH! Some kid was poking at it with a stick. Another father gingerly touched it with his toes. I just took a picture of it. Then the tide came in and took it back. I hope it’s okay.


Anyway, our Christmas day beach-day fun-day was a lovely experience. I can’t wait to come back to this beach as the days get even hotter!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Merry Christmas from Australia




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