A Sudden Spark of Motivation


“Success comes from complete isolation” – said no one, but creativity can sometimes arise from times where all you can do is be left with your own thoughts. I have been been “sequestered” at home during my time looking for a job here in Australia and it has exposed Doran to sad displays of desperation, sorrow and tears as I am curled up in a ball in the bed. However, there can be moments, like today, where I climbed over that wall of defeat and landed in a powder keg that’s giving off sparks (thank you Bonnie Tyler) of motivation.

As most of you know, my dream career is to become an Imagineer. It has become evident that this time away from home is a great opportunity to work on this dream. It’s only take me THREE months to figure that out. So after some extensive research and self discovery (read: finding a way to get over rejection emails), I have decided that one of the many paths I can take becoming an Imagineer is to become a self taught graphic designer and to build a massive portfolio showcasing my understand of the industry and skills.

I’m going to blog about it to keep me motivated and, in a way, to be held accountable. I’m going to attempt a weekly update on my journey and I hope you will all support me or laugh along with me as I go.

To start I’m going to the library to read up on design theories. Wish me luck!



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