Kalamazoo: 7.5/10


We haven’t ventured into a Lush store in Australia since we moved here, but a good friend of mine sent Doran and I a lovely package of Lush products from Canada to try out! Hurrah! Thanks!!!

Today, it’s something new! Kalamazoo!Lush Kalamazoo

It seems that the lumbersexual craze has gotten to the people at Lush as well. This brand new product has pineapple enzymes to clean the face and a few oils and butters to soften those unruly beards everyone has these days. As much as it pains me to say, I don’t have a beard. So, I’m glad that this facial cleanser can still work for us regular people.

Kalamazoo smells awesome. It smells lemon-y or pineapple-y and that makes it seem fresh and invigorating. My face feels nice a clean after without feeling dried out. It doesn’t have any abrasive ingredients to scrub/exfoliate my face like Ocean Salt (my personal favourite) or Angels on Bare Skin (Doran’s favourite), so it’s great for anyone looking for something gentle.


  • Great smell
  • Gentle
  • Apparently it makes your beard nice and soft


  • It has nothing to do with Kalamazoo (unless that place is Lumbersexual central)




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