Craft Time: Needle Felting


So Doran and I tried the art of felting for the first time….

Needle Felting is the ancient art of sculpting with wool or acrylic fibers into objects by stabbing the fibers with a barbed needle to create a solid. For us, we decided to try to make a bear and penguin.


You can get them at Daiso. They are $2.80 each here in Melbourne.

Once we opened the package, we began to wonder if we were in over our heads with this project.

IMG_5501How can we turn that into a bear and penguin??? It’s just sheets of colored wool.

So we start separating the fibers and stabbing the heck out of it… and one hour later we get:

IMG_5526 IMG_5528









Our necks hurt from hunching over, so we decided to take a break and continue this another day.

On the second day and another hour, we get to this:


Almost done!



Finally, after three hours (1 hour a day), countless amounts of stabbing and surprisingly only a few pricked fingers (Doran: 0, Eric: 3) we are done!


Not exactly like the pictures on the package, but pretty good for our first time!

IMG_5550 IMG_5551

Final thoughts:

  • Was it fun? – No, our necks hurt
  • Are you satisfied with the results? – Yes, they are supa adorable
  • Did you have fun doing it? – Not really. It’s too much work for such a tiny thing!
  • Would you do it again? – Never again





3 thoughts on “Craft Time: Needle Felting

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy yourselves. I do this for a living, so it breaks my heart when someone says “never again” to needle felting… If you ever give it another go, try compacting the fibres a bit more in your hand before you use the needle, that might save you a lot of hours!
    Anyway, the critters are very cute 😊


    • Ha ha ha. Awe. Thanks! To be honest, I might try doing it again. I’ve watched a few videos on Youtube afterwards and want to try and make a couple more things. Doran on the other hand, is a lost cause.


      • Do give it another go! I’m sure after the videos things will be different 😀 I’ll be happy if there’s at least one convert among you, haha!


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