Craft Time: Crochet Whales


Lately I’ve been in this vortex of crafting videos on YouTube and I have no regrets. I am not ashamed to admit, I now know how to make fancy shaker cards, felt animals (see previous crafting attempt), pretty nails (don’t even get me started on snow globe nails) and now crochet animals.

I wanted to make some adorable whales, so Doran and I went to buy some blue, grey and white yarn. We came home with our yarn and two 5mm crochet needles and started to crochet only to realize that our yarn was mean for 4mm needles. Fail. None the less, we forged ahead with our over sized needles and began the journey to adorableness.


After 30mins of trial and error, we ended up with two lovely…



Clearly we did something wrong. Doran gave up under the guise of “needing better instructions”, but I persevered and I think I did a very good job for my very first crochet whale.


You know this might be something I could really get into. It’s been two weeks and I’ve made more whales, stars, and a turtle!



Craft Time: Needle Felting


So Doran and I tried the art of felting for the first time….

Needle Felting is the ancient art of sculpting with wool or acrylic fibers into objects by stabbing the fibers with a barbed needle to create a solid. For us, we decided to try to make a bear and penguin.


You can get them at Daiso. They are $2.80 each here in Melbourne.

Once we opened the package, we began to wonder if we were in over our heads with this project.

IMG_5501How can we turn that into a bear and penguin??? It’s just sheets of colored wool.

So we start separating the fibers and stabbing the heck out of it… and one hour later we get:

IMG_5526 IMG_5528









Our necks hurt from hunching over, so we decided to take a break and continue this another day.

On the second day and another hour, we get to this:


Almost done!



Finally, after three hours (1 hour a day), countless amounts of stabbing and surprisingly only a few pricked fingers (Doran: 0, Eric: 3) we are done!


Not exactly like the pictures on the package, but pretty good for our first time!

IMG_5550 IMG_5551

Final thoughts:

  • Was it fun? – No, our necks hurt
  • Are you satisfied with the results? – Yes, they are supa adorable
  • Did you have fun doing it? – Not really. It’s too much work for such a tiny thing!
  • Would you do it again? – Never again