Spa Treatment: Shiodhara – Doran’s Review



Eric and I thought it would be fun to try a new spa treatment while in Bali, so we went for the Shiodhara treatment at our resort spa. The Shiodhara has two parts: the first part is an upper body massage, and the second part is head treatment where they run a thin stream of oil back and forth along your hairline for 10 minutes continuously and then finish with a scalp massage.

The treatment started off a little weird because I was going to just keep my swimsuit on, but the spa therapist insisted I change into a pair of disposable “paper panties”. The paper panties were basically made of see-through black paper and it looked like a shower cap with two leg holes through it. Really attractive and really comfortable. After I put those on, we got started.

The body massage was great, they massaged my back AND my front torso which felt interesting. I’m not used to having strangers fondle my chest and massage my stomach area. I was scared she would press really hard into my bladder and I’d pee the bed because I just had like 4 drinks at the pool immediately beforehand.

The oil treatment was fun, the oil was warm and she drizzled it all along my forehead for what felt like 10 mins. (I feel like in a few days, I’m going to break out with acne all over my forehead from this but we shall see.) Then she gave me a scalp massage which was not as amazing as the ones I get from my hair salon, but still relaxing.

When the treatment ended, she brought me to the shower room so I could wash my hair (except no amount of shampoo really could fully wash out my greasy head) and change back into my real panties.

All in all, I really enjoyed it versus just a regular massage, which is what I normally get at the spa. I would recommend this to others, and give it a rating of 4 out of 5 paper panties.


2 thoughts on “Spa Treatment: Shiodhara – Doran’s Review

  1. Lol. You guys are so funny. You need to post more often!!! It makes ne laugh out loud (especially reading about Eric trying to keep it together during the oil treatment! )
    It is snowing today – it started about noon yesterday – and while it is a bit sad to see it all white out there, it is also a bit of a relief. The snow reflects light better so it doesn’t seem as dark and there are lots of things to do in the snow.
    Daylight savings started today so while it is only 8am I am already up and at ’em. I suppose I should go shovel off the deck (ok so there are a few negative things about the snow! !!).
    I can’t wait to hear more – I hope it is all going very well for you guys.
    💛 Riona


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